Over many years of looking into the eyes of people, taking photos and examining each iris in depth, Pieter noticed clear patterns emerging, which link the physical to the mental-emotional. When questioning his clients, straightforward relationships between the markings within the irises of the eyes and the mental and emotional life of that person, were revealed.

It was observed that each zone of the iris referred to an aspect of that person’s life and the various markings showed the predominant influence in that sphere of life.

Pieter has named this new science, Psychiridology, from its components, Psyche and Iridology, with acknowledgement to other Iridologists who are also contributing to this field of knowledge.

The belief that our illnesses and physical dis-eases reflect what is going on in our mental-emotional body, (which in turn reflects our “spiritual body”) is verified by Psychiridology.

This knowledge provides an important tool for understanding people easily, quickly and surprisingly deeply.
As part of the unfolding revelation that is Psychiridology, Pieter continues to investigate the relationship between iris types, the nine Enneagram types and the sixteen Myers-Briggs / Keirsey-Bates personality types.
He offers talks and workshops on these topics and is busy with a book that will make this knowledge more widely accessible.

If you would like to be part of this research, contributing to our understanding and simultaneously discovering more about the markings in your eyes and how these link to your psyche, then contact Pieter.

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