Pieter makes use of herbal remedies within his natural health practice and these are applied according to the principles of Energetic Herbalism.  Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, it is vital that a herbal formula should ensure the correct digestion, absorption and distribution of its active ingredients throughout the body.

These special assistant herbs are known as “Conductors” and in Energetic Herbalism we make good use of them.

Some examples of Energetic Herbalism are Ayurveda, Chinese Herbalism, Unani –Tibb and Traditional Greek Medicine.
These seek to match and bring to balance the unbalanced energies presented by the person’s symptoms, through the use of opposing or balancing energies.
This is done by using specific herbs, food and drink; all within the context of that person’s constitution and Temperament.
For example, a “warm and moist” disease is treated with cooling and drying herbs.

Energetic Herbalism

The Conductor Herbs should be different for each situation and are selected according to their energetic alignment with the overall purpose of the blend.

  • Consider whether the remedy should act at the surface, or deeper within?
  • Should it have a rising or descending influence?
  • On which organs must it act?
  • Need it be calming or invigorating?
  • Must it warm or cool the body, or just a part thereof?
  • Should it dry or moisten?
    Every such proviso either narrows down the choice of conductor or alters the combinations thereof.

As a result of Pieter’s love for the healing power of nature and fascination with herbal medicines, in particular; perhaps also influenced by his time in laboratories, during Chemical Engineering days; he loves to formulate herbal blends, striving for results that are ever more effective.
Which is why he has founded a company that manufactures and supplies herbal remedies, named “Energetic Herbals“. (www.energeticherbals.com)
This range of natural medicines has the distinction of offering enhanced absorption and deliberate remedy “direction”, through the correct use of herbal conductors.

These effective blends are based on over thirty years of research and clinical trials, during which the herbal combinations were (and still are) used by the clients of Pieter’s Natural Health practice.  Based upon results and ongoing feedback, he is able to assess the effectiveness of herbal remedies and where necessary, to tweak them in search of further improvement.

Traditional African Herbs are also used in this range.
With reputable herbs such as Sutherlandia (Cancer Bush), Leonotis (Klipdagga), Pentzia (Wonderkroon), Sceletium (Kougoed), Artemisia afra (African Wormwood, aka Wilde Als) and many others, literally on our doorstep here in the Western Cape, it makes sense to get to know them well and use them wisely.