Welcome To 3 Levels Of Healing

Physical, Mental – Emotional and Spiritual


At the 3 Levels of Healing practice, we make use of tongue and pulse diagnosis to augment an Iridology assessment.

With the aid of an iris microscope, photos of your irises are taken, to help explain physical strengths, weaknesses and specific issues.

Along with this, the principles of Energetic Medicine are applied to establish which food, drink, supplements and herbs will benefit you most.

Mental - Emotional

Three aspects of mental – emotional diagnosis and therapy are used at 3 Levels of Healing.

  • Temperaments have a lot to say about your body & personality.
  • Herbal teachers help to modify our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
  • Psychiridology is the mental – emotional aspect of Iridology, in which our eyes reveal our personality and specific issues.


When peace and equilibrium finally become more important than the dance of drama and suffering, it’s time to find a lasting solution.

Our thoughts cause contraction and bring pain to body and mind.

Gaining freedom from these thoughts and remaining in our Natural State is the key to spiritual healing.

Pieter van der Westhuyzen

Pieter has a degree in Chemical Engineering, followed by a further 6 years of study and training in Iridology, Herbalism, Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Energetic Medicine and then 26 years of experience as a Natural Health Practitioner.

He has the ability to truly listen and then dedicate the utmost time and care to each client.