What is Spiritual Healing?

Is it not the end of our mental and emotional suffering; a place in which we find complete rest and rejuvenation?

 Once it has dawned upon us that it is our own mind that is the source of our suffering and that the world “out there” is simply a reflection of our internal beliefs; then perhaps it’s time to find a more profound and lasting solution to our health issues.
If we don’t want to spend countless lifetimes fumbling and stumbling about, creating more pain than bliss and staying locked into the story of aversion and desire; then it’s time to get very real and go for the “shortcut”…

 If we trace back, through time, in search of the origin of our being, then we find ourselves going back, either via the genetic lineage to the original Being; or via successive lifetimes, to the One who was there in the beginning and who set all of this in motion.
No matter where we look, whether deep into the space within the cells of the body that we think we are, or whether out into the Universe around us, with its infinite offering of more space; we come to the same timeless, ever-present Background.

That which sees and which knows is ultimately also the immensity of What Is; constantly unfolding, giving birth to galaxies and then swallowing them up again; without gaining or losing any part of its Self. Beyond the comprehension of the mind, beyond the limitations of time and space, beyond any story of a personal “me”.

The shortcut is to go to the feeling of ‘I’, within, and stay there. To quieten our random thoughts; the jabbering “in the head” and tune in to the more subtle frequency of our inner harmony, emanating from the Heart. This is the journey of shifting our awareness back to that which has been with us for all of existence, without which nothing whatsoever makes sense.


The shortcut is always available and it serves as a direct path to joy; to the vastness of the ‘Peace that passes understanding’. 
There are practical methods for taking the shortcut, but due to our programming this is not necessarily an easy choice.
To access profound Spiritual Healing, tremendous vigilance and determination are required. It asks of us that we surrender the story of who we thought we were and where we thought we were going.

A person that has the incentive for such a “sacrifice” is often one who is so fed up with suffering and delusion that he or she is willing to relentlessly cut through eons of conditioning, to finally reveal and come to rest in our natural state of Knowing.

Many questions could arise as we negotiate the practical challenges of engaging in such a shortcut, which is why a book by the name of: “I am awareness” has come into existence. It calls upon the expertise of twelve of the wisest and most awakened beings on this planet – past and present.

These wise sages have found profound bliss and peace.

They know what life is all about, they understand why we are here and how we can find lasting happiness, to achieve the most fulfilling life possible.

Why read this book?

If you are tired of endless drama and would like to free yourself from suffering, in the cycle of life and death, then its written for you.
If you have searched with interest for the meaning of “Enlightenment”, or “Self-Realisation”, then again its for you.

If you have enjoyed any of the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Rumi, Nisargadatta, Mooji, Gangaji, Papaji, Ramesh Balsekar, Randall Friend, Adyashanti, Rupert Spira, Shunyamurti, Siddharameshwar or Atmananda … then you are on the right track with this book.

How do I get a copy of it?

Hard-copy versions of the book are available, at R180 each and if you would like one, then contact Pieter and arrange for him to get a copy to you.  

However, you also have permission to download a single PDF version of the book from this website, for free.  It was written as an act of love and as a means of sharing the most profound truth there is; with the intention of making the third and final level of healing, more easily accessible.

In which case, we ask the following of you, in return;

The first being that if you print a copy for yourself, then please don’t print copies for others, or use any part of this material for financial gain, without prior consent from Pieter. Rather refer people to this website, so that they may read and understand the context and the terms of this energy transaction.

If you find the book to be insightful, helpful, enlightening, uplifting and/or otherwise beneficial; then please let Pieter know and consider making a financial contribution, to an amount of your choice. (Bank details on Consultation page).

May you thoroughly enjoy the book and may each new reading of it yield ever greater understanding, peace and joy. 
If you agree to the terms, given above, then download a copy of the book, right here.