Pieter makes use of the energetics of people, food and natural medicines, in order to establish what the body’s energetic patterns are and which syndromes the bodily organs are subject to. These relationships reveal how we are strengthened, or weakened, by the food, drink, supplements and substances that we consume.

Energetic medicine may be seen as the science / art of describing the inner landscape of the human being, in terms of climate, or “temperament”.

On closer inspection it is seen that everything that impacts on us as humans also has a temperament; whether it be our food, our medicine, our thoughts and feelings, the general climate, the current weather, our body type, the nature of our illnesses and those who influence us.

The same energy weaves through all of life and thanks to our observant forefathers, we have developed ways of reading and recognising it everywhere and responding appropriately.


The cornerstones of Energetic Medicine focus on the qualities of Heat, Cold, Dry, Damp and Wind – the interplay of these in your body and environment and how you can use this knowledge to maintain good health.

A healthy body is sustained by a network of complementary forces that generate and limit one another. An energetic influence is a natural event that can become harmful only if the protective or complementary energy of the body is insufficient; usually as a result of depletion of that protective quality.

For example, a drying energetic influence will only do harm to someone who is already too dry, due to constitution, or other factors, but not to one who has enough moisture reserves to withstand the drying effect.

If an energetic influence is very strong then it can cause illness, which penetrates ever more deeply into the body, involving the internal organs.

All of the energetic influences, whether internal or external, are models for bodily processes that mimic climatic conditions and are treated accordingly. It doesn’t matter whether you believe that your body can be invaded by cold, or wind or any other climatic factor, but these analogies create a useful link to the energies that flow throughout nature, linking us with our food, our medicines and our environment.

If you know which of the particular energetic influences are at work, then you may also know how to apply food and herbs to remedy the imbalance and can thus address the root of the issue and not just the symptoms.