Contact Pieter to make an appointment to see him & get your health back on track

When you come to see Pieter for a consultation he will first ask you a set of questions to ascertain your history, lifestyle and symptoms.
Thereafter he does a pulse and tongue diagnosis.

Next he takes a careful look at the irises, pupil and sclera of each eye, via an iris-microscope, to ascertain specific constitutional and health issues, taking photos and then transferring these to a computer.
Your enlarged iris pictures provide the ideal way for him to explain what is going on in your body, as also to give insights into your personality and your dominant mental-emotional issues.

Based on this assessment, Pieter offers advice on diet, lifestyle, herbal medicines and supplements and where appropriate, perspectives on how to handle your mental-emotional and spiritual challenges.

Your first consultation with Pieter can take one and a half to two hours.

  • Follow-up consultations will be an hour, or less.
  • Pieter charges R600 per hour.


Bank details, should you need them: P van der Westhuyzen, ABSA, cheque account no. 909 309 7475