Three aspects of physical diagnosis and therapy are used in the 3 Levels of Healing practice.

Firstly, to assess the nature of bodily health and guide restoration of balance, Pieter makes use of Energetics, which is the foundation of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Unani-Tibb and Traditional Greek Medicine. It is an excellent, intelligent and effective model for understanding the deeper relationship between people, food and natural medicines.

The second tool that is used in this practice is an extension of the first, a form of medicine that has been with mankind throughout the ages, namely Herbalism and in particular,  Energetic Herbalism. Nature has provided not only our food, but also our medicines.

The third modality that is made use of, is the diagnostic tool known as Iridology.

The Consultation Process

When you come to see Pieter for a consultation he will first ask you a set of questions to ascertain your body’s history, lifestyle and symptoms. Thereafter he does a pulse and tongue diagnosis. Then he takes a careful look at the irises, pupil and sclera of each eye, via an iris-microscope, to ascertain specific constitutional and health issues, taking photos and then transferring these to a computer. Your enlarged iris pictures provide the ideal way for him to explain what is going on in your body.