Mental - Emotional

Mental – Emotional

Three aspects of mental – emotional diagnosis and therapy are used in the 3 Levels Practice.

Firstly the mental – emotional equivalent of Energetics is the system of Temperaments, which has a lot to say about your body and your personality. Using a Syndromes Analysis allows us to read the overall temperament of your body, as well as those of specific organs within the body.

The second aspect of mental – emotional healing that Pieter makes use of, is the effect that herbs have on our mental realm. The “Herbal Teachers” affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, ranging from the subtle effects of culinary herbs and spices, through to the profound and life-changing effects of the so called Teacher Plants, or entheogens – with a whole spectrum in-between.

The third diagnostic tool used in this practice is Psychiridology, a term which Pieter has introduced in order to describe the mental – emotional aspect of Iridology; which has been the main focus of his ongoing research over the past 24 years.

The irises of the eyes are a surprisingly useful guide to our personality types and specific mental – emotional issues. Pieter finds this field of knowledge to be fascinating and uncannily accurate.