Ancient and natural forms of gratitude, praise and worship are very powerful.
Our understanding of Self can deepen greatly in a ceremony that is dedicated to earth, wind, fire, water and Great Spirit.

When we eat or drink of the nectar of the teacher plants, we can be left with no doubts as to the wisdom, love, presence and Life Force that permeate throughout all of Nature.

The fire, the stars, the smell of Frankincense, Sage and Palo Santo in the air, the beat of the drums, the steady whoosh of the shakers and voices lifted up in praise and thanksgiving… are forms of sacred tradition that help to reconnect us to Source.

Connecting to nature in the ways of our ancestors offers us a meaningful culture in these modern times, when we have become bereft of our wise and ancient traditions. Thus providing a beautiful means of simply being present with what is and feeling deeply into:

  • Essence,
  • Being,
  • Presence,
  • Awareness,
  • Consciousness Itself.

To sit with heart burst open, to feel the bliss of being emanating from within,
to silently dance the waves of energy passing through us
and to know and feel oneness with all…

The Knowledge of the Heart that arises upon taking these natural plant medicines, in the right context, with intention, protection and purpose, brings a simultaneous downloading of a deeper understanding of the challenges that we face and offers clear guidance, appropriate for our circumstances.

 The Triple Anchor Method

Whilst recognising the value of experiences and insights offered by ancient rituals and teacher plants, there is also the acknowledgement that they are temporary and therefore not ultimately satisfying, because what we are seeking is permanent joy and peace.
This is why Pieter recommends the Triple Anchor Method, as an easy and practical way of getting back to our Centre, with lasting results. 

Modern living, with its technological advances and increasing disconnection from nature, is having a devastating impact on our peace and joy – along with our planet. When your mind is incessantly busy and you experience symptoms such as fear, restlessness, stress and lack of purpose or fulfilment, then know that you, too, are affected by this powerful cyclone of illusion. If you are taking medication for depression, anxiety, insomnia, poor focus or any chronic medical condition, then you are caught in the “worldwide-web”.  

When peace and equilibrium finally become more important than the dance of drama and suffering, then it’s time to gain mastery over our minds, with their random, dis-empowering thoughts and learn how to drop all of the stories that constitute our current experience.

The Triple Anchor Method is about occupying Now – this present moment; raising our vibration, bringing our minds under control and establishing ever increasing peace and joy.

 To find out more, take a look at the next page on Non-Duality, which gives the details of a book that puts this method into its full and proper perspective, entitled
I am Awareness”.

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