My energy was dreadful, I felt completely demotivated and had itchy skin rashes over most of my body. The worst of all is that I had unrelenting, daily headaches for the past two years!
I was in a state of despair and didn’t know how to get myself out of this mess.  I had already been to see lots of doctors and tried many painkillers, with short-lived relief.

After looking into my eyes, Pieter said that my situation was straightforward and that he could help me. I must admit that I felt very skeptical at first!  He asked me to make some dietary and lifestyle changes and gave me herbal remedies to take for the next month. When I checked in with him a month later I was already experiencing days without headaches and my energy was improving. Within three months I was at a point where there were no headaches whatsoever, my skin was smooth and free of itching and I was enjoying my life, once again.

Now, a year later, I still check in with him every two or three months, just to work on background issues; but I have been completely without pain or discomfort for many months, with great levels of energy and motivation.

Meeting Pieter was a profound turning point in my life and I heartily endorse him to my friends and clients.

Tony Martin

I have recently met with Pieter as I needed help to manage a recurring cancer issue as well as my general health.

Pieter spent a lot of time getting to know the whole me which was an interesting albeit daunting experience as he looked at and helped me look at all aspects of what was going on within me. Not only on a physical level but also on a inner being level and psychologically. Pieter guided me through an introspection process where I became more aware of who I really am, how I function, what I allow in my life and how I have allowed events to happen to me over the years and to simply accept them and keep going.

Pieter has helped me heal on more than just the physical level – Pieter has nudged me (gently but firmly) into exploring the issues within myself that have contributed to me becoming sick – I am becoming more and more aware of the real me, I am remembering things from my past that I had totally forgotten / were buried deep within me – I look forward to seeing Pieter and feel safe within his haven of peace to open up & explore the way forward – its like a journey has started – a happy journey that is tough at times but has made me feel more vibrant and peaceful within myself.

Pieter supplements the coaching and mentoring with his herbs and treatments which also appear to help nudge one forward & help with the healing process – the process of becoming whole and authentic.

Meeting Pieter and experiencing his unique brand of medical care and guidance and treatment has been an uplifting and amazing experience for me – an experience that I hope to continue to explore as I walk this path of healing with Pieter’s guidance and support.

Kevin Wustefeld-Janssens

I have been going to Pieter van der Westhuyzen as a patient for many years. His skills are outstanding and his knowledge is prodigious.

I have always found him to be most accurate in his diagnosis, as well as sensitive, caring and deeply insightful. He has the added gift of being a skilled and compassionate listener who understands far beyond the surface of the presented problem.

On every occasion I have been treated by him I have received deep healing and been returned to a state of balance and full health.

Natalia Baker

What I feel is most important about working with Pieter, is the powerful, positive effects of the tinctures and capsules, as well as a shift in my perspective.

The depth of his readings and intuition, as well as his infinite knowledge and wisdom regarding the connections of health and healing, on all levels, as read through the eye, are an invaluable guide to my quest for deepest possible self-understanding and fulfillment.

Diane Maris

Pieter you are awesome.  Your presence itself brings healing. I am truly grateful for the healing I have received through you sharing your knowledge, medicine and all you are. The work you do in service of others is inspirational.

May you continue weaving your magic. Thank you.

Vernon Pendlebury

Thank you again for taking the time with me to look more closely at the issues I face, as revealed through looking at my eyes.
I appreciate your kindness, patience, and the depth you were willing to explore this with me, and also for being so understanding about my financial situation.

I incredibly value the information I was able to receive through this one session with you and continue to reference back to the notes I took during this time. I wish I was able to offer more in return for the valuable insight I received. I would be happy to write a review or any other way I am able to help you in your business. Thank you again, and very best wishes.

Brigid Brennan

I consulted with Pieter when I began to experience highly irregular periods at the onset of my peri menopausal phase. Bleeding would occur after just 12 or so days and then not again for 40 odd days.  Pieter put me onto his natural progesterone tablets and after just 3 months my periods were once again regular and therefore far more manageable.

I have also used Pieter’s Sutherlandia drops for all my family members over many years. At the slightest sign of a cold we take a high dose of Vitamin C and the Sutherlandia drops and it usually sends most infections packing!

Pieter has a sincere and deep interest in healing … the natural way.
I can highly recommend his products and him as a dedicated healer.

Tania Bownes

Eight years ago Pieter came into my life.  After all these years my loved ones and I are still making use of his healing expertise to fix our aches and pains plus keeping us healthy and in good spirit.

We all have become very fond of his special herbs. We know the quality and emotional linked properties of his tinctures and herbal capsules exceed anything that we’ve ever tried off the shelf. We understand more about wet and dry constitutions and how it affects us.

I’m pleased to say I have seen many an ailment disappear; the use of chemical drugs diminished as the conditions improved and were healed with his help.  I know I would not be a healthy woman typing this message, if he did not cross my path, I know many who would agree with me and I thank Pieter for that, for rubbing his good energy off on me.

He is in our lives on a daily basis, filling it with his heartfelt energy!  May this legacy of his last forever.  With love and gratitude.

Sanet van Eeden and family

My session with Pieter instilled confidence …..  Such empathy and intuition, caring and understanding. Invaluable knowledge and wisdom which he imparted.

The reading during the iris diagnosis brought up past emotional memories for me, clearing blockages and opening a door for healing, which was a release.

What worked for me was that Pieter has this ability to really listen –  I felt intuitively that he was on my wavelength – quite rare to find a practitioner with such empathy.

Another great advantage – Pieter has his own homegrown brand of herbal supplements.  Thank you.

Pru Harrington