Based on many years of observation, Pieter has seen plants benefit people in multiple ways, including helping them to heal at the mental-emotional level. It has become very clear to him that herbal medicines impact not only on the physical body, but also have a profound influence on our feelings and thought-patterns.

For example, a mother who had watched her son being murdered by a mob, was broken with grief and walked around with a heavy heart for years afterwards. She was given a herbal medicine dominated by Lily of the Valley, named “Heart Strengthen” and Pieter witnessed her miraculous turnaround. She was relieved of her mental burden, surprisingly quickly; her spirit uplifted and experiencing moments of joy and laughter, once again.

This Energetic Herbals blend, Heart Strengthen, has helped to heal grief, loss and sorrow, time and again, wherever it goes. Whilst it is not wise to attempt to shortcut the grieving process, it is good to know that herbs can nurture us deeply and help us to move on, emotionally, when the time is right – in all sorts of ways.

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Another herbal preparation, named “Resist and Recover”, is dominated by the quadruple power of Barberry, Pau d’ Arco, Pentzia and Cancer Bush. It works at the physical level to expel unwanted pathogens and parasites.
At the mental level it helps people to hold their ground, to stop compromising, to speak up for themselves, to set boundaries and to gain freedom from parasitic relationships.

Pieter has seen people regain their appetite for life, their enthusiasm and their ability to cope with whatever is coming at them; whilst taking herbs to increase their digestion and absorption (Digest and Absorb).
Reliable links have been established between medicinal plants and the healing spirit that they invoke, at all levels.