The implications of this science known as Iridology are powerful and profound:
To be able to look into a person’s eyes and see, at a few glances, the body’s overall constitution, along with the functional state of each organ and system within the body. 

To see the levels of infection, or toxic accumulation; along with the state of structural strength and levels of damage to tissue.
To be able to assess the nerve and blood supply to organs, as also the degree of muscular tension affecting those organs.
To see specific deficiencies, the levels of mucous build-up and the flow of lymphatic fluid…

… along with much more information on both body and mind.

Large Iris

What is it?

Essentially a system whereby one scrutinises the iris and the sclera (the coloured and white parts of the eyes) respectively, under magnification, paying attention to any markings thereon; with their respective shape, depth, colour and position.

By matching the position of these markings to an “Iris Map”, the body part affected and the extent thereof, is indicated.

Iridology allows one to analyse the relationships between the organs and plan a sensible course of action.
It complements all therapeutic sciences because it provides vital information needed in order to establish the root cause of ailments, thus revealing the appropriate treatment required.

Iridology is a safe, non-invasive, analytical science, which can be integrated into both orthodox and complementary medicine.