This is where the three become one.

The Temperaments and personalities start to “dissolve” against the background of something more enduring.
The Path Home is engaged, albeit in different styles for the varying personalities and emphasis is shifted from creating ever more complexity and suffering, to the return of peace and Presence.

An ancient, traditional method for allowing transformation and opening us to the intimate knowledge of our oneness with the Divine, is through the use of Teacher Plants, also known as entheogens. Our ancestors made good use of these, the Royal Family of the Herbs; accompanied by rituals and medicine songs, to create sacred traditions.
This was one way in which we could remember our connection to Source and find encouragement and guidance.

But then the awakened ones are here to remind us that we don’t need medicines, or even entheogens to reach our highest potential and to wake up from delusion. By looking deeply within and paying attention to what already is, we can discover who we truly Are.

  • Within the eye we see and feel the enduring “ I ”.
  • Within the pupil is found the Teacher.
  • Within and without are discovered to be One and the same.

For a very practical, reliable and realistic way of attaining freedom from stress, worry and the endless creations of our desires and fears, there is an ancient repository of wisdom know as Non-Duality, or Advaita.