3 Levels of Healing

3 Levels of healing

Healing can happen at one of three levels:

The three levels of healing are simultaneous, as well as progressive; for whilst they occur at all levels of experience, they also progress from one level to another.

 For example, if someone has a headache they will seek a remedy for what appears to be a very physical phenomenon and be glad to have access to methods that bring relief, because absence of pain is our first priority.

As well as easing the pain, we would ideally also like to ascertain the cause of the headache and address that issue, rather than to simply keep numbing matters – especially if the pain keeps reoccurring, or if the numbing comes at a high cost to body or wallet.

To heal more deeply and permanently requires an understanding of what is really going on at the mental-emotional level and then taking steps to regain our peace of mind.

When we do find our balance, in any lasting sense, it is because we have mastered the skills of being a functional human being; physically, mentally and emotionally, part of which entails finding a way to put down the stories and the baggage that constitute our suffering.